My Dumb Broken Brain

If you’re not familiar with the online reporting of Ashley Feinberg, (1) go follow her on Twitter right now, and (2) you should also subscribe to Trashberg, her new newsletter.

In the latest installment of Trashberg, Feinberg goes into a deep-dive into the Instagram shenanigans of Cally Gingrich, wife of former Speaker of the House and current Burlap Sack of Instant Mashed Potatoes Posing as a Human, Newt Gingrich.

In this analysis, Feinberg describes “The Cally”, the Gingrichii’s signature pose:

This is not something Cally dreamed up recently. According to my research, she began perfecting this shot as early as 2014. And when viewed within the larger context of her Instagram, the reappearance of this particular arrangement is easy to overlook. Each one is separated by shots of the Pope, Newt’s dinner, all the things Cally holds dear. But take notice of the repetition just once, and The Cally quickly become all you can see. Your dreams become an endless scroll of plastered smiles on smooth Callies and sweaty-faced Newts, boring into your innermost self as you pray for relief.

But, please, don’t take my word for it. Observe.

Readers are then treated to a number of examples of The Cally in action, and, then, a GIF combining all The Cally images. And, watching that GIF, my brain — my dumb, stupid brain — could only think of one thing.

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The Dogs of 2020

Nothing better to wrap up this dumpster-fire year than this punch in the emotional jimmies.

If you need me, I’ll be ugly-crying on my office couch.

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Rock-y The Vote

Look, you shouldn’t need another reason to vote what with all the crap going on, but if you do, you could do worse than voting because Tenacious D (and guests!) singing “Time Warp” from “Rocky Horror” inspired you to.


The One Good Thing

While we still have a few months left to see what other horrors 2020 will bestow upon us, at least we have “Animaniacs” to look forward to.

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Blade Runner: San Francisco

Terry Tsai: SF drone footage during the #BayAreaFires on 9/9/20, set to Blade Runner 2049 music.

Now we’re getting Red Sky Crossovers in real life, too? Perfect.

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Dave Chappelle’s new special, “8:46”, is excellent. You should watch it, which works out ‘cause it’s right up there.

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Katie Porter’s Whiteboard

When you woke up this morning and put on your bland suit in preparation for your hearing, I bet you looked yourself in the mirror and thought: Today’s the day. Katie Porter’s not going to get me.

Well, I’m Representative Katie Porter’s whiteboard, and I’ve got a message scrawled upon my glistening façade: We’re about to kick your ass.

The exchange between Rep. Katie Porter of California and an official from the CDC during a hearing yesterday was awesome. This monologue from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is an equally-awesome companion piece.

If you haven’t seen Rep. Porter mopping the floor with the officials from the CDC yet, you should 100% watch the video below before you read the piece on McSweeney’s. It’s worth your time, I promise.


Lords of the Dance

I might not have liked Joker, and I didn’t like Spider-Man 3 (just like any right-minded person), but I love this nonsense.

I love it so much.


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Last Week Tonight: SLAPP Suits

After spending two years engaged in a legal battle with a coal executive who was less-than-enthused with a giant squirrel telling him to “eat shit”, John Oliver finally shares the details of what happened, explains SLAPP lawsuits, and ends the segment in a way that ensured that I’d have to post it.

I had no choice, people.

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Microsoft the Musical

The bit in the beginning where they consider Bill Gates less of a person and more of an idea is kinda weird, but the part where they make fun of Windows Phone really makes up for it.