Gourmet Pop Rocks

This is some top-notch “I do not want to do this content but I will do this content because it is my job” content.

Also I learned more about Pop Rocks than I ever thought possible, so that’s a pretty solid bonus.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

Honestly the only reason I’m not demanding it be December right now is because that would mean I’m skipping Avengers: Endgame, but that’s it.


Party Rock Anthem but Uptown Girl

I just remembered that this exists, and I wanted you to know about it, too.


Ya Damn Right

In 11th grade, we had to make a video based on a poem for my A.P. English class. At the request of my teacher, I did two — the one she wanted was a overly-serious (and totally misunderstanding of the point of the poem) video for Robert Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled”, and the one I wanted to do was a reading of the Shaft theme.

This is all to say that I can’t wait for this movie, and I will 100% be there several times opening weekend.


Avengers: Endgame Trailer #1

It’s cool if we can rush ahead to April 2019 now, I’m fine with that.

I love this trailer, but I hate the title, which is Marvel’s own damn fault — don’t keep the name of the movie a secret and overhype it if you’re just going to go with what everyone’s first guess was, you ninnies.

In fact, here’s a few titles I would have liked them to go with instead:

  1. Avengers: Assemble
  2. Avengers: Captain Marvel’s Gonna Be Pissed
  3. Avengers: Good of You to Finally Show Up, Hawkeye Ronin
  4. Avengers: Probably the Last One Before the X-Men Start Ruining Things, Ugh
  5. Avengers v Thanos: Dawn of Justice
Entertainment Social

Sizzler Promotional Video

This is easily the most 1990s thing I’ve seen in a long time and I might love it.

Also, Sizzler’s Italian Bar was what’s up, and I miss it terribly.

Entertainment Sports

The Greatest Badminton Rant I’ve Ever Seen

There aren’t many times I’ll post sports-related content to eTM, but when I do, you can bet it’ll be high-quality stuff like this 2004 rant by Mary Carillo.

It’s solid gold, people.

Solid. Gold.

Source: Kinja Deals of the Day


Tale as Old as Time

The first trailer for the live action Beauty and The Beast hit the internet today and it’s a welcome respite from the total shit-sandwich last week was.

Watch it. Get excited. Do a little jig. Take your mind off of how awful everything is for a few minutes.


The “Wonder Woman” Trailer Is Here

While I want to stand firm on my “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” position on the DC Extended Universe, this trailer for Wonder Woman kinda makes me wanna go see the movie. Like, a lot.

And, to its credit, it features 800% more colors than either Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Boredom had, so maybe lessons have been learned?


The Best Political Ad in the History of Political Ads (Probably)

Re-elect Gerald Daugherty so poor Charlyn Daugherty doesn’t go crazy, people.