FBI Director Comey Calls on Congress to Stop Unlockable Encryption

From The Washington Post:

In remarks at the Brookings Institution on Thursday, Comey used the phrase “going dark” to describe the decisions by companies like Apple and Google to encrypt by default more and more of their services… The problem, Comey argued, is that the process locks away for good some data that could be useful to law enforcement as it fights crime.

It’s a complicated dynamic, and Comey appeared eager to punt the confusion over to Congress. He called for the House and Senate to begin rethinking the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, better known as CALEA, which empowers the FBI to access electronic communications. The 20-year old law, Comey argued, should require companies big and small to build into their systems “lawful intercept capabilities” that aren’t stymied by encryption.

Wait, this ass-clown thinks that Congress is going to actually go up against the interests of companies like Google or Apple?

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