As I’ve likely mentioned once or twice before, one of my favorite TV shows was Community, by which I mean Community seasons 1–3, which were run by Dan Harmon. As you are likely aware, Harmon was booted off the show, and Sony brought in the guys who ran Just Shoot Me to keep it on course for season 4.

Unfortunately, the show runners and writers seemed to miss the point of Community, throwing in a bunch of pop-culture references and weirdness without any of the underlying heart that the first three seasons had. It was like they got in a room, determined that the reason the show worked was because it was “wacky”, and ran with that. It was, to say the least, not great.[1]

Thankfully, Sony decided for some reason to bring Harmon back to run the show for season 5, which hopefully means a return to the Community I couldn’t wait to watch every week… And, if the trailer that is above is any indication, it seems to be.[2]

Community returns January 2nd, in case you were wondering when I would be glued to the TV and stuff.

  1. Which really sucked for me… I bought the season sight-unseen on iTunes to support it. I got through the first five episodes and bailed, leaving the last 8 marked as unwatched on my AppleTV to this day.  ↩
  2. Although I won’t be buying the season before I see the first episode. I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m counting this as my personal growth for 2013.  ↩
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