A Clean Slate

While I’m very much a creature of habit, oddly enough, one of my habits is blowing things up and starting over. I love clean slates. I hate baggage. It’s easy to get complacent and fall into a routine. In my experience, that can be poison for both creativity and thoughtfulness.

MG Siegler

If you visited this site a few days ago, you would have seen an archive of my online musings going all the way back to 2005 – this was fueled by a bit of advice I received from a friend of mine about the wisdom of having a back catalog of crap for people to read through.1

However, there have been things that happened that I wanted to be all, “Hey, let’s make a snarky comment about that!”, but I felt oddly confined by the style and tone of the posts that I’ve written before. Of course my writing style had changed – that’s to be expected as time goes on – but I felt that if I couldn’t recapture the spark of my old blogging efforts, then it would be super-jarring to the reader2 , and blah-blah-blah. Of course, all this could have been a way for my brain to tell me to not even try my hand at this nonsense again, because deep-down I’m a shallow, vain creature, and when you even try to put yourself out there on these cold, harsh internets, someone is going to tell you how much you suck. And as I only have a massive ego to overcompensate for my complete lack of self-esteem, the love and adoration of complete strangers is something that I look for on a regular basis.3

So, as is my wont to do, I have removed the backlog of posts that I had on this site. And, quite frankly, it feels pretty damn good to be free of the weight from all the old4 content I had on here. I can now go on to make fun of whatever I feel like without fear that I’m not ‘good enough’.

And what, kind reader, can you expect to find here? Basically everything.5 If it falls under the auspices of pop culture, technology, theater, comedy, comic books, adventure, bacon, cheesesteaks, writing, or anything that isn’t ‘sports’,6 I’ll wax idiotic about it.

So welcome to eD! The Musical. Let’s party.

  1. Naturally, she’s probably 100% correct in that assumption, and I would be wise to listen to her. However, ‘wise’ was never one of the adjectives that would be used to describe me. 
  2. That’s right, I care about you. Group hug in 3, 2, 1… 
  3. You’d think this would make me focus more on my existing relationships, but no; I’m a big fan of having both a core group of strong friendships and a large collection of acquaintances that are really nothing more than intellectual one-night-stands. I’m just super-classy like that. 
  4. My brain tells me that I should be saying ‘better’, but it can go ahead and shut its dirty whore mouth, thank you very much! 
  5. I’m a big believer of finding a focus for your writing and sticking with it, as you can tell. 
  6. I make no promises to not talk about curling in the Winter Olympics, though, because that’s just ripe for the mocking. 
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