BBC News: Physicist Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

Stephen Hawking died yesterday:

The British theoretical physicist was known for his groundbreaking work with black holes and relativity, and was the author of several popular science books including A Brief History of Time.

I’m a huge fan of Stephen Hawking and genuinely love “A Brief History of Time”, so this news really bums me out.

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Quantum Chess: Paul Rudd vs. Stephen Hawking

Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, which apparently is a thing that exists, released a video where Paul Rudd plays Dr. Stephen Hawking in a game of Quantum Chess, which is also apparently a thing that exists.

It’s directed by Alex Winter, who played Bill in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and/or Bogus Journey”, and features narration by Keanu Reeves, who played Ted in “The Matrix”. It’s 11 minutes long and worth every second of your time, I promise.

h/t: Gizmodo