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Movies! But, Like, Anywhere!

Since 2014, if you had purchased a digital copy of a movie from Disney (or one of their studios, like Pixar or Marvel), you redeemed the code at Disney Movies Anywhere. This unlocked the movie not only on their app, but added it to your iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Amazon accounts as well, making streaming it to your favorite device insanely easy.

In contrast, if you purchased a movie from Sony Pictures, Universal, or Twentieth Century Fox, you’d get the choice of redeeming that movie on iTunes or, if you hated yourself, redeeming it on UltraViolet. Warner Bros., in their infinite wisdom (and because they’re an investor in the technology), only let you redeem movies on UltraViolet.

This sucked. Your digital movies could be awkwardly spread out amongst any number of providers and, unless you purchased a variety of set-top boxes, you might not be able to get everything in one place. Add the cognitive load that is trying to remember where the hell you purchased Elf that one time, and digital movies hardly seemed worth the trouble.

Until today!

A partnership between Disney, Sony, Fox, Universal, and, much to my shock and delight, Warner Bros. was announced this morning, launching a new platform based on Disney Movies Anywhere, cleverly called Movies Anywhere. Using Disney’s “Keychest” technology, the service syncs your purchased movies between iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu1, making life about a million times easier.2

Additionally, it appears as if movies you might already own in standard definition might be upgraded to high def — this was the case with the aforementioned copy of Elf I got on Google Play as a promotion. I would also imagine that iTunes upgrading of HD to 4K UHD at no additional charge will be done, too, but I don’t have any anecdotal evidence of that at this point, so ¯\(ツ)/¯.

You can sign up for Movies Anywhere here, or read more about it on The Verge.

  1. Although, at this moment, trying to connect to Vudu isn’t working whatsoever, which is starting to annoy me considerably. I want my Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them in iTunes already, dammit! 
  2. Sure, Paramount and Lionsgate aren’t part of it yet, but if they could convince freakin’ Warner Bros. to join up, I’m sure they’ll come around in no time. 
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Nearly Coherent 036: Useless Trivia & Poops

About 92% of Nearly Coherent is Jeff and I talking about random crap we’ve seen on the internet. We used to say we’d tweet out links for these articles so that anyone can follow up on whatever we’ve discussed, but we’d usually forget.

Well, we won’t forget anymore!1 Here’s all the stuff we talked about in episode 36 for your further-reading pleasure!

iOS 11

Apple released iOS 11 on Tuesday, bringing with it a bevy of new enhancements. Instead of talking about that, though, I focus on the aspect that excited me most that day — an update to the Procreate app that allows for wet-on-wet painting like you’re Bob Ross. It’s pretty delightful, and you should absolutely buy Procreate on the App Store.

Bob Ross

Speaking of Bob Ross, Jeff and I share a weird fascination with the guy, and I’ve blown entire days in crazed Google Holes about the guy and his painting method. If you’d like to also be weirdly intrigued by the guy I refer to as my life coach, you should read the Wikipedia entry on him.

If you want to get to the saucy part — the dismissal of the New York art world of his work and his rivalry with his mentor William Alexander — you’re going to want to skip right to this New York Times article on Ross from 1991.

Mesh Networking

Jeff had a few questions on mesh networks, and, lucky for him, I had several answers. If you’re looking to get a mesh networking system of your own, I recommend the Netgear Orbi, which you can purchase from Amazon.

And just in case you think I’m totally full of crap, that’s also the one that The Wirecutter recommends, so there.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

I’m a font of useless information, and when we got into the topic of Bob Hoskins, our discussion naturally turned to one of my favorite movies, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. After Jeff asked me if I had ever seen Cool World, and I went into a whole bit about why the work in Roger Rabbit holds up better than just about any other live action/animation mix movie made. The source of that rant is this post from an article on Sploid, which has a video that goes into detail about the work done to make the world of Roger Rabbit feel more real than Cool World or Mary Poppins ever could.

The Mad Pooper

If there’s a story about poop, you can bet we’re going to find it and talk about it in great detail. While Jeff only skimmed the headline, I read all about Colorado’s Mad Pooper on Deadspin, and now you can, too!

That should just about cover it! Go listen to the episode yourself at Nearly Coherent or wherever you go to get your podcasts, we’re easy.

  1. Probably. Whatever, I’m dumb occasionally.