500ish Words: Pivot from Video

MG Siegler’s essay on the shifting focus of websites from written to video content and what that means for advertising is worth a read, but this part in particular struck me:

Say goodbye to the 30 or 60 second television ad, say hello to the brand sponsorship read by a host or commentator. And product placement in-shows. Also not new, but also perhaps better suited towards our current world.

I think the natural endgame of this evolution of advertising will be Talking Dead-style after-shows for everything, and “fun” commentary segments where commercials used to be, where the celebrity panel reacts to whatever you just saw happen on the show. All brought to you by Snickers and the inevitable gritty reboot of Paul Blart: Mall Cop, naturally.

Sure, it might be a nightmare, but at least Chris Hardwick’s career options will flourish in ways we never could have foreseen, so that’s nice.

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