Hover!, a game that originally came bundled with Windows 95, has been recreated for the web using WebGL.

The most impressive part, at least for fans of the classic Hover! version, is that Microsoft has also built in a “secret” retro mode to activate a web version of Windows 95 complete with the original. If you visit the site and type bambi at the mainscreen, the original codename for the Windows 95 release and a nod to an old easter egg in the game , it will activate the retro mode. While it’s not a full version of Windows 95, you can also double click on share_fb.exe and tweet.exe from the desktop and Windows 95-style setup wizards will appear allowing you to share the site to Facebook and Twitter. It’s all very retro and executed perfectly for those who remember using Windows 18 years ago.

I loved this game so freakin’ much, you guys, and the web version is just as frustratingly awesome as I remember it being. Everyone wave s’long to my productivity for the day.

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