Average Student Scholarship Contest

CollegeHumor.com presents the Average Student Scholarship Contest:

Why is it that there are tons of scholarships for academically excellent students, tons of scholarships for academically challenged students and not a damn thing for the majority of the students in the middle? We don’t know, either. That’s why CollegeHumor is going to give 2 lucky average students $5,000 just for being themselves. That’s right, enter below and if you’re judged to be normal enough, you could WIN $5,000 TO APPLY TOWARD YOUR TUITION. Did you sign up for 3 clubs but never attend meetings? Is your GPA a 2.1? Would some of your professors have a hard time remembering if you were in their class? If so, enter now! We hope you’re not exceptional.

Perhaps this will help my mediocre brethren succeed where I once failed.

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